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Here’s some other useful advice: 

• Make sure all rubbish, recycling and garden waste is inside your bins and that the bin lids are closed. • If you have additional garden waste, you can compost or empty it into your bin, but make sure you spread it across several collections – the lid must shut. • Recycling should be put loose (not in bags) in the recycling bin. • Please park considerately so the bin lorries can get up the road and empty our bins. • Remember to wash your hands before and after putting the bins out and bringing them in. • Keep your distance from the bin crews (minimum two metres) to minimise the risk of infection. • We're being asked not to burn rubbish – the smoke is bad for people with breathing problems and there is a risk of fire spreading or people getting injured.


Notices relating to the coronavirus (Covid-19) situation will be posted here. See links at side of page.



If for some reason you do have to have a bonfire – please follow country tradition.

Never on a Sunday or Bank Holiday

Have it on a cold day when others have their windows shut.

Only when there is no wind …

Only when the smoke goes straight up.


The best time for a bonfire is just before dark on a cold day/night (but stay and look after it) when everyone else and their laundry is indoors – recent bonfires have been  disrupting our key workers uniforms being line dried – please don’t underestimate the number of NHS and other key workers living here.

Consider your community


If in any doubt please don’t have one.

Suffolk is tinder dry presently and it’s only spring. There have been several fires in the county big enough to be reported in the press. (A large house, a barn, farm buildings and metres of hedging etc.)