See Covid-19 page for Tostock coronavirus news and notices

 Household rubbish and recycling bins are still being collected • Garden waste collections will restart from w/c 11 May – crews will be following the normal schedule which means collections will start from Monday 11 May 

If you have the internet, you can find the latest information about waste collections at and check your collection day at 
If you don’t have the internet, don’t worry, I’ll try to keep you updated. 

Here’s some other useful advice: 

• Make sure all rubbish, recycling and garden waste is inside your bins and that the bin lids are closed. • If you have additional garden waste, you can compost or empty it into your bin, but make sure you spread it across several collections – the lid must shut. • Recycling should be put loose (not in bags) in the recycling bin. • Please park considerately so the bin lorries can get up the road and empty our bins. • Remember to wash your hands before and after putting the bins out and bringing them in. • Keep your distance from the bin crews (minimum two metres) to minimise the risk of infection. • We're being asked not to burn rubbish – the smoke is bad for people with breathing problems and there is a risk of fire spreading or people getting injured.


'We're going on a bear hunt!'

Is your teddy bear driving you crazy whilst cooped up at home? 

If you are currently residing with a bored bear (or other animal) who would like a view from your front window please assist him or her up onto the windowsill.

Our younger villagers will be able to look out for various bears on their daily exercise around the village!

This Bear Hunt started in New Zealand - the ideas and photos on line are amazing and inventive.  

Village Sign on the green

 Tostock is a small village about eight miles east of Bury St Edmunds and seven miles west of Stowmarket in the county of Suffolk. Tostock is a very traditional Suffolk village, with under 200 houses and around 400 residents.

The aim of this website is to:-
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