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Parish Council


The Parish Council is the first tier of government in the village and its civil parish. The civil parish is an administrative area comprising the village and surrounding land. The Parish Council can:

  • Give views on planning applications and other proposals that affect the parish to MSDC
  • Undertake projects that benefit local residents  
  • Work in partnership with others to benefit the parish e.g. the village hall
  • Advise relevant authorities of problems or action that  is needed  
  • Work with other tiers of government to get the best for local residents

Nine Councillors are elected every four years to represent the community. A Chair and Vice Chair are elected from the Councillors on an annual basis. A Clerk is employed by the council as an advisor, administrator and responsible finance officer.

The Council is funded from the precept, which is the money collected from local tax payers via the council tax bill issued by Mid Suffolk Babergh District Council, and monies received from its own activities.

Meetings are held in the Village Hall, starting at 7:30pm. All meetings are advertised on the village notice boards, this website and in the Tostock Chronicle.

Parish Council meetings are public meetings and everyone is welcome to attend.  If you want the Council to consider a particular point at a meeting, please inform the Clerk at least one week beforehand so that it may be added to the agenda or contact one of the councillors who can also make sure your views are known. There is an opportunity at the beginning of each meeting for the public to bring up matters of interest with the Council. If you raise or comment on a topic which is on the agenda for the meeting, Councillors will be able to take account of your views when that subject is discussed, although you will not normally be able to have any further input yourself. If you speak on a matter which is not on the current meeting agenda, your topic will not be discussed at that council meeting, but the Council may consider including it on the agenda for a future meeting.