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Planning applications are notified to the Parish Council (as a statutory consultee) and to members of the public by publication on the Mid Suffolk District Council website:

Planning Application Search and Comment » Babergh Mid Suffolk

Planning is a standing item on the agenda for Council meetings and, as far as possible, new applications will be discussed at those meetings. As the Council meets only every two months, there are occasions where application deadlines preclude discussion at meetings. Where this happens, councillors will consider applications and share comments between themselves (typically but not exclusively via e-mail) before a formal and final Council view is taken which is then submitted through the Clerk.

Residents are always welcome to attend meetings to voice any concerns about applications and also to send in comments to the Council via the Clerk. However, if you have a serious concern then you should always ensure that you submit comments online to Mid Suffolk District Council - especially through its website (above) but also by other written means.

Parish Clerk: clerk@tostockpc.org.uk