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Below are contact details of the current Parish Councillors including those recently appointed by MSDC

There are presently casual vacancies should you wish to join the parish council. Please see parish council notice board by the post box on the village green for electoral services details.

Title Name email address Phone
   Peter Boland  Peter.boland@gmail.com  
  Graham MacDowalll crispincottage@hotmail.com  
   Marie Johansson   oldhallstables@btinternet.com  
   Harry Richardson  harry.richardson@midsuffolk.gov.uk


  Wendy Turner   wendy.turner@midsuffolk.gov.uk  
  Andrew Mellen  andrew.mellen@midsuffolk.gov.uk  

 County and district councillors are below

Title Name email address Phone
County Councillor Andrew Mellen andrew.mellen@suffolk.gov.uk  
District Councillor  Harry Richardson  harry.richardson@midsuffolk.gov.uk  
District Councillor  Wendy Turner  wendy.turner@midsuffolk.gov.uk